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Hi, I'm Sébastien Bourdu

Freelance Web Developer and UX Designer

Featured projects

Web-documentary about the Tour de France for Radio France

My work: interactive design, Rails, EaselJS, Backbone.js, Sass, CoffeeScript, PostgreSQL, Facebook API, etc.

Web-documentary about Detroit and the Do It Yourself movement for Cinétévé, Mediapart, etc.

My work: front-end and back-end (Rails, Twitter Bootstrap, SEO, etc)

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I was in charge of redesigning the magazine website pages

My work: UX and graphic design

Awesome websites made with love


Remote assistance community co-founded with 3 friends. My work: Rails, Paypal, Heroku, AWS, etc.

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Artificial Intelligence

I like spending time exploring AI using Hubot (Node.js), React and services like IBM Watson

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Orange labs

I was an API evangelist at Orange labs (Paris) for 2 years (2008 - 2010). For example, I developed a mashup using Google maps, YouTube and Flickr.

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E-commerce website made with Ruby on Rails and Paypal

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Reporting 21

SaaS solution making your financial and extra-financial information actionable. I worked on the design and the full stack (Rails, MySQL, Angular, etc).

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Aéroports de Paris

Website showing in 4 different languages the duty free shops of the airports

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La Ruche qui dit oui – Forum

Discourse plugin, theme and inline editor using Ruby on Rails and Ember.js


Mix of pong and air hockey controlled by hand gestures with Arduino.

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Animafac – Voting system

My work: graphic design, ux design and code with Sails.js (Node.js) and MongoDB

iko, the pupil's best friend

We won a World Summit Youth Award for this project made at the school of Gobelins.

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Les Exaltés

My work: front-end and back-end using Angular (Typescript) and LoopBack (Node.js)

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My work: the shop in JavaScript by implementing Stripe and an e-commerce solution made with Rails and Angular

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Social Business Community. I worked on 3 different versions of the website as a web developer and designer. I also worked on a community website for Suez Environnement.

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I developed with Jocelyn Lecamus a touch screen application for the launch of the Volkswagen Up.

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Alumnis from Gobelins

I helped in the front-end development of the website. I also worked in the R&D center of the school on two projects.

Super Social Movie

Facebook application made with Make Me Pulse and JWT for Crunch and Norman. My work: back-end and the front-end JavaScript

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Charities donations

I worked on a smartphone prototype using Ionic and Angular.

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Icarus dream

Icarus dreams is a project I made with Yannis Smesny at Gobelins. The subject was to "create an interactive application to (re)visit a moment of History".

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Voxe is a comparator of political parties. I participated in the back-end development.